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| Rivers McCown Jason Witten Color Rush Jersey , Football OutsidersThe guys over at Football Outsiders tend to think a bit outside the box, and what they saw in the Cowboys win over the Jaguars wasn’t a dominant offensive performance (and the good things they did say about that mostly focused on the run game). They put most of the credit on Dallas taking advantage of a crippled Jacksonville offensive line and Blake Bortles being, well, Blake Bortles. The Marinelli Report, Week 6: How the Cowboys defense made easy work of the Jaguars – Bob Sturm, The AthleticThe offense did get most of the headlines after the Jaguars game, but here is some much-deserved praise for the defense - and not just for one game. Dallas Cowboys: Vander Esch and Smith excelling with Lee out | Stefan Stevenson, Fort Worth Star-TelegramOne of the most important developments of 2018 for the Cowboys has been the way the team anticipated and handled injury concerns with Sean Lee by drafting Leighton Vander Esch to pair with Jaylon Smith. But Lee is still having an impact. INSIDER: Have LVE and Jaylon Smith made Sean Lee disposable? - Patrik (no C) Walker, 247 SportsJust sit back like you are at Whataburger and enjoy the deliciousness. Sean Lee returns to practice after passing $10M in lost man-hours mark - K.D. Drummond, Cowboys WireThere is a lot of discussion about how valuable Sean Lee is to the Cowboys when he’s on the field. But this adds an interesting perspective on just what he has cost. Progress For Sean Lee; 2nd Opinion For Tavon - Rob Phillips , DallasCowboys.comWhile Vander Esch and Smith have been doing a superb job holding down the fort, it would still be a good thing to have Lee back. And that is getting closer. OK, on to some non-defense things.Cole Beasley: 5 Thoughts on Rejuvenated Offense - Kristi Scales, 5 Points BlueCole Beasley talked about his monster day against the Jaguars. This response is intriguing, because it contains an important aspect for the offense going forward - capitalizing on matchups. Jason Garrett Doesn’t Rule Out Injured Reserve For Tavon Austin | 105.3 The Fan staffWhile he has had limited plays on the field, Tavon Austin has had an impact at times. Now Dallas may have to figure out how to go on without him. Dallas Cowboys: Why Cowboys should do whatever it takes (within reason) to acquire WR Amari Cooper from Raiders | John Owning, SportsDayThe recent reports that Jon “The Demolition Man” Gruden wants to deal Amari Cooper has, of course, led to lots of discussion as to why the Cowboys should acquire him. But in this case, there are actually some good reasons , including that he may be the kind of receiver the team wanted to replace one departed player all along. Flip Side: Washington’s Most Underrated Player? - Bryan Broaddus, DallasCowboys.comWhen they line up against Washington this week, one player the Cowboys have to worry about is a real blast from the past. DeMarcus Ware Says Ring Of Honor Induction Is Coming | 105.3 The Fan staffDuring an interview on the San and RJ Show, DeMarcus Ware was asked about a future induction to the Ring of Honor. And he dropped this info. Has everyone caught their breath, checked their blood pressure, and taken an EKG since this Cowboys-Eagles game ended?Before today, there were so many things that you would think that this Cowboys team could not do and survive:Have Dak Prescott turn the ball over three times Have him throw over 50 times in a gameOvercome 11 penalties for over 100 yards, seven on offense that cost 60 yards Lose Zack Martin for extended time and be functional Go 1-4 in the red zone and winYet, the Cowboys did all of this and escaped with a 29-23 win in overtime while effectively putting a stake in the heart of the Eagles 2018 NFC East chances. If anything, this Cowboys campaign will be remembered for the hole they dug and the resolve they showed getting out of it. From 3-5 with no pulse to 8-5 and in firm control of the NFC East , just how we drew it up, right?Like a few other Cowboys games this season, this was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. Over the last five weeks, the Cowboys have pulled off some wild victories but none more important than this sweeping of last year’s champs. How was this game close at all? I mean, look at these numbers...just how?Cowboys had 32 first downs to the Eagles 16Cowboys were 56% (10 for 19) on third down to Eagles 11% (1 for 9)Cowboys ran 93 plays to the Eagles 48...45 more plays?!Cowboys 576 total yards more than doubled the Eagles at 256 yardsDak Prescott’s 455 passing yards fell half-a-yard shy of doubling Carson Wentz’s numbersDak went 42 of 54, completing 78% of his passes, 10% higher than WentzCowboys doubled time of possession, having the ball for over 45 minutes!Amari Cooper’s 217 yards receiving came 11 yards shy of the entire Eagles WR corp’s 228Cooper got 217 on 10 catches, it took 22 receptions by seven different Eagles receivers to reach 228The Cowboys dominated this game but we know this team has a flair for theatrics. This game wasn’t pretty but the only thing that kept Philadelphia in it were the self-inflicted errors Dallas committed. Dak Prescott had one of his worst three quarters of football ever, but somehow followed it up with his best 25 minutes of his young career. When the early games kicked off on Sunday , the Cowboys had an 81% chance of making the playoffs and a 73% chance of winning the NFC East. If the Cowboys lost to the Eagles, they would lose all the leverage dropping to 39% while giving Philly a clear path to the division title.Sure, the Giants did Dallas a favor today beating Washington, as well as the Browns knocking off Carolina, but it was the Cowboys seizing the opportunity to earn this one. Losing the turnover battle 3-1, going 1 for 4 in the red zone, and losing over 100 yards in penalties are odds that almost no team can overcome. No matter how many times they tried to give this away, they overcame the self-inflicted harm. Again, from 3-5 and dead to rights to 8-5 with over a 99% chance to call themselves NFC East champs. Talk about overcoming the odds?!

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The steel case has a rose gold-colored PVD coating, which helps give the watch much more of a dressy look to it. The artificial intelligence helps the software developers to decide precisely which features to include in their software. Minimalist watch brand Uniform wares has launched an update to their 300 Series chronograph. In an office in London, the chaps who started Uniform wares are dealing with the growth of a company that they didn’t intend on being only about watches. Uniform wares has been around since 2009 and produces exclusively minimalist and highly legible watches which are clean, modern, and feature very sparse dial layouts. There is also a certain lack of uniformity to being “Uniform.” Take, for instance, the Uniform wares 351 Series of watches. I am very happy that a brand like Uniform wares exists and I find their timepieces easy to recommend to many people. While the dial is brass, the hands are aluminum, and the Uniform wares 351 Series 351/RG-01 case is in steel. Most poaching is done for meat, as the communities surrounding the park are some of the poorest in the country, and most of the animals poached are smaller herbivores. Mudumbu was conducting research on the use and distribution of snares in the park some years ago when he came up with the idea.

Located in northwest Uganda, the nation’s largest national park is a poaching hotspot, with the most common method being a wire snare that closes around an animal’s foot. But the energy is equally unsettled, particularly when the song suddenly detours into a dramatic, doomy second act where Hardy’s amorous exclamations (“Kiss my lover in the sun/Feel their heart pressed between finger and thumb”) sound like they’re being shouted from the bottom of a well, suggesting that happiness is all just an unattainable fantasy. Powering the 302 is an ETA 251.471 quartz movement offering a three register chronograph display, 1/10th of a second resolution and a date display at four o’clock. Swing by Rue du Cherche-Midi, you will find the five shops tucked between No. 102 and No. 124. Second Stop on Gift RoadSituated on the ground floor of a private mansion at 9 Place Furstenberg, one of my very favorite places in Paris, "Nolita" carries an unusual assortment of things in a very feminine 'boudoir' universe.

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