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I don't know if you are a little bit flustered. I don't know if you are really amazing. Anyway, I was not as powerful as you were when I was 16 or 7 years old. Recently, I have made significant progress through the boys. They said, "Tao Ge, I have often been praised very much recently. Thank you so much." I did not Too many of them answered them, just silently saying that you will do better in the future. In fact, the phrase "You guys are very powerful" is good or bad? If I take it for now, this is not a very good thing. "You are very good guys." I know very well that you will be especially happy and excited when you first hear this sentence. Of course, this is understandable. I was the same at that time. The first time a reader came to me. The first time a student came to listen to me. The first time there was an investor looking for me. For the first time, there were too many people saying, "You guys are very powerful." I just didn't feel that this is what I want. The purpose, so I came to the present! I believe this is not the purpose you want. "You guys are very powerful." In fact, no matter what age group of people are telling you, it should be different to you, not the one who feels good. If you are often quoted by others and you feel particularly good about yourself, then you are destined to be like this. The reason why those people boast that you are very powerful is nothing more than two reasons. The first one can make money and The relative earning is relatively high. The second one is that what you said is not like your age. The core reason is nothing more than you are young. I once mentioned that "the 90s are either mature or terrible, or the naive sadness is not unreasonable. First of all, if the elders boast that you are very powerful, you are happy to have a problem first. If this elder is in a certain field. Is an authority, even a celebrity, he praises you, you can be happy. Because your contribution has been recognized by them, and then ask yourself, is this celebrity often communicate with you? If not, then I can tell you, he boast You are very powerful, this can only be regarded as a kind of customer. This is like when investing, investors will look at multiple projects, and then invest in a few, and finally succeed one or two. The same reason, such predecessors do not know How many people, you are just one of them. "You guys are very powerful." I admit that this sentence can change you. It is like a sentence we all believe "The people you care about determine your vision, the circle you join. Decide on your future. "One truth, but don't fall down easily, because you are still young, everything you do is just an effort for them They don't want to boast about you. "You guys are very powerful." Words, in fact, it is very easy to achieve a person Newport Cigarettes, it is also very easy to kill a person. To achieve a person's ambition, you will be more frustrated and more courageous; also kill a person, arrogant, think that he is among the peers Some people in this article may understand it, some people can't understand it. It is because you have experienced the days of working with me. I don't understand because you haven't understood the process yet. Individuals can be very powerful, and it is enough to grasp their own hearts. I am writing this article mainly for those who I watched you change. The article is not too exciting! Because everyone is making progress, I can��t Let everyone feel that the efforts during this time are in vain. It is good to be recognized, if it is so good, then it is not advisable.

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